Mini Tracked Dumper Mini Crawler Dumper T300


Name: Mini Tracked Dumper Mini Crawler Dumper

Supporting power 186F diesel engine
Diesel power 8.5HP/3600r/min
Startup mode Electric start
Walking speed 0-7km/h
Gearbox Italy imported
Gear position 6 forward gears, 2 reverse gears
Rated load 300kg
Body size 1070*745*200(mm)
Overall size 2000*900*900(mm)

The crawler-type orchard handler adopts a crawler chassis. The crawler has all-terrain performance, strong walking ability and convenient turning. It is suitable for hills, mountains and other complex terrains, and is used in orchards with relatively sticky soil.

The orchard harvest season can help transport fruits, in addition to transporting fertilizers and pesticides. The three sides of the conveyor body can be opened for easy loading and unloading.

It has a strong loading capacity and can hold 300 kg of cargo at a time. It is convenient to unload the truck, and it is easy to unload the cargo by directly lifting the bucket upwards, and continue to load and transport, which greatly improves the transportation efficiency of the orchard.

In addition to being used for orchard transportation, the handler can also be used in vegetable gardens, tea gardens, asparagus gardens, etc.